Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cheesecake Etc.- 2nd runner up, and ALL MY FAULT!

2nd Runner Up Goes to ..............


I have to be honest when I tell you that this company is 2nd runner up by default. There was always such a large group around their table (great indicator), that by the time that I had chance to taste their cakes, I was being hurried out by my daughter.We had tasted SOOOO many cake samples, she was ready to leave! While talking to a friend who is sooo "in the know" when it comes to anything that has to do with weddings, she said "you didn't taste Cheesecake, ETC? You can't make a decision without tasting them" I feel so guilty and terrible now, because of that.

The one thing that I feel good about was that, as far as design and display go, they WERE THE MARIE ANTOINETTE of the wedding cakes! The most aesthetically pleasing cakes that I have ever seen in all of my life,and I regret almost as much for not taking more and better pictures, as I do for not tasting these cakes.

Look at how intricate and skillfully designed these cakes are! It's hard to believe they are food, not art! I JUST LOVED their funky designs and ornamentation,especially the polka-dots! ( I am definilty a little more on the trendy side in that way.) The Cake is ALWAYS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF EVERY EVENT TO ME- you should see Andrea's Bday cakes!) ...and the 2nd picture down was absolutely BREATHTAKING.They have an array of different cakes, icings and fillings that all are made fresh in the shop,from the finest ingredients.Nothing is ever frozen,even the icing is made from scrath to order, and they deliver to a most areas.( Call for more details about delivery areas)
But all that I can attest to (sigh) is the beauty of these gorgeous cakes.
I felt like Alice-N-Wonderland looking at their website. You have to check it out for yourself. It is hard to believe that this is a two woman,Mother and Daughter team.
Gail fell in love with baking cheesecakes in her spare time as a hobby, but much to her surprise her cheesecakes were adored by many and quickly became "in demand"! In 1997 while still working a full-time job, she started Cheesecake Etc, and only made cheesecakes. The more she did, the more her desire to branch out into other cakes started, and she began taking classes to educate her in cake decorating. Soon her and her daughter Kristin were baking cakes for all sorts of occasions and then these extravagant wedding cakes. Can you believe this all started with a hobby for making cheesecakes?
It looks as though there is nothing this woman can not make for you in the form of cake. Please visit their website at
You wont believe your eyes.
Maybe if you mention this blog when you order your wedding cake, they'll send me a sample and I can taste what all the hype is about , myself. If not, one day, I will make it out there!
Or feel free to contact Gail or Kristin at (704) 509-2020

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  1. They all are so pretty and look so good. Makes me want to eat cake!


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