Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Absolute Best Photographer!!! No one there compared!

Before you read what I have to say, just take a minute to look at this website. I am posting the link to the intro, because after looking at it, you will be left speechless.
you can also visit him at, but please refer to the website first. (my advice, because I loved it so much)

I told you before that the cake is my favorite part of a wedding. I am obsessed with weddings, even though marriage is not for me! IF I could, I would attend a new wedding every weekend, and write about it! (idea!!).The Bride is most important to the majority. The cake was to me, but after seeing this man's work, I have a WHOLE new respect for the photographer. While his work isn't always displayed during the wedding, his role, to me, is way more important and lasting than the cake, or the dress(, and maybe even more lasting than the marriage!)

They say a picture says a million words. And I agree, but Chuck Eaton's photos do more than that. They show more genuine emotion, beauty and mystique,than can be expressed in words. Only his pictures can speak back to you of the brilliant experiences that you were so blessed to enjoy. Looking at his website, brought me to tears at certain points and made me giggle at others. His work is a masterpiece of it's own, your wedding is another! He could make a hoedown in a barn seem timeless and make you want to be there. <----- I am going to keep adding that until I know that you have looked. Please keep in mind that I do NOT get paid or receive any gifts for these posts. It is my sincere admiration of their work that makes me write about them!

I walked by Chuck on the way to taste what the Duke Mansion had out on their display table, as Nick sat impatiently annoyed at a table far away. As I scurried like a homeless person to get him food to appease him,this radiant man caught me off guard by inviting me over. He didn't try to sell me on anything, he told me "just look in the book" and talked to me about life, marriage, and asked me questions. I told him marriage wasn't in my cards, and that my boyfriend was hiding, and he laughed. He was a very charming man, with a great sense of humor!

After "oohing and awwing" over the pictures in the book, I said to him, this is like a dream for scrapbookers masterpiece, he almost seemed a little offended, in a polite southern way. He said "no, it's so much more". As I looked on, I was in awe of this one particular book.I have seen some nice wedding coffee table books, nothing like this. It took me so long to admire each detail that I didn't even move onto the next,I had people waiting.

This was more than a picture storybook of this couple's special day. There were pictures that made me laugh of the bride trying to get dressed, and her bridesmaids confusion. There were pictures of the groom waiting, and of all of the groomsmen putting their hands together,standing in a circle the way football players do, in the beauty of dim moonlight at dusk. It takes talent to capture these moments, that is true, but the emotion,feelings and moment's that Chuck was able to capture, can not be summed up with talent. It's more like magic!

I wanted that couples photographs to hang in MY PERSONAL living room. I would get compliments on how beautiful they were, and when people said "who are they". I 'd say-"I don't know. They are very expensive. I bought them at a gallery in Manhattan,this photographer is the next big thing....... OR I might make up that they were family members (everyone knows I am not spending big bucks on artwork)"

I told him that he made me want to get married, he told me that he takes pictures for all occasions, so I don't have to rush into anything I don't want to do. That is great because I can't plot out a devious enough way to fool Nick into marriage. He knows how I personally feel about it, and that I ONLY want to have a wedding cake,, desperately....and now a photographer. He wont fall for it.

I am ABSOLUTELY in love with this mans work. I have NEVER seen anything like it!

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