Monday, February 9, 2009

Sunday at Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

As you may have read before, there was a wedding event set up at Daniel Stowe for caterers,planners,cake bakers, and photographers,etc. I just wanted a day out, but got so much more! Good food, good weather, good pictures,a overall great experience. Accept and Andrea became very grumpy and made me keeping getting samples, which I felt bad because even though they were or EVERYONE, I wasnt getting married anytime soon. Oh well. Look at those cute lil cheeseburgers up there!
For the most part Andrea had a great time! Nick....not so much.He was in a funk. I looked like something from the trailor park, because I didnt care, but I had a blast anyways. The best was running through the water fountains with Andrea. How do I upload videos?
The best caterer has to be The Duke Mansion (which is absolutley beautiful-a new blog in itself) .They now team up for weddings with Daniel Stowe) and the best flowers (Andrea was holding HER favorite) were by The Flower Diva. 1-889-DIVA on Main Street in Pineville, NC

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  1. Hi One Curly Fry -
    I was the one at the Duke Mansion table and told you I would remember your blog. THANK YOU for the shoutout! I am glad you enjoyed our tasty creations (well, the wonderful catering staff's creations...I can't cook at all...haha). My blog...which I haven't written on in a while is I'll get back into it soon I hope. It just takes time!

    It was nice to meet you at the show - glad you stumbled upon it!



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