Monday, February 9, 2009

Heather's Bday Saturday Night (Terrible pics of my Sick Butt)

Heather turned 27 on Saturday and so we met at Phil and Tony's to drink and dance. No one wanted to go downtown, and I am thrilled. I got to talk and hang out with old friends, and much to my surprise, I saw nothing but friendly faces that I was fond of.
Tori's Bday was Sunday, so she celebrated Sat, and Ashley was torn because Tori is her BF and Tori wanted to g downtown, and Heahter is one of her BF's and she wanted to go to Phil and Tony's. Ashley asked Tori to just stop in, and they ended up staying.

I felt so bad for Ashley. She has had a lot of pain in her life, and it hasnt always been easy.(she rarely talks about it though) To add to it, she meets nothing but JERKS, seriously, and Heather and I told her over and over that "guys who hang out in bars, are only good for hanging out in bars and to sleep with aferwards, meet someone more down-to-earth". SO she did, and after a few months of dating him, she really fell for him. He supposable fell for her too!(you should see how many guys would give their left leg to date her, always have. Even in jr. High)

On the way (while she was driving her car) he broke it off with her. She was sooo upset! Not just because it was him, but because she has had the WORST luck, and she is not like A.N who sets herself up for it. She is honest in relationships, not too clingy , and laid back. She really tries to do everything right, and is not pushy or anything. She is a mature girl, and I know she is not to blame.

I told her it was just "Gods way of keeping yu single for Prince Charming who is on his way" . She smirked at that, and drank herself into an oblivion. I wont get into details, but after I got home (I always leave early) Heather called me to tell me how scared she was that Ashley needed to go to the hospital, and said that she COMPLETLY passed out, and was dead weight. After 7 shots of Patrong and a few cranberry vodkas, I can see why.

I just felt so bad for Ashley. I hate that she is going through this.She is sooo deserving, and is never looking, but does want to settle down eventually. She thinks something is wrong with her now,and that couldnt be further from the truth in relationships, I'd tell you if it were.

Lord, please let Ashley feel your prescence and be not only comforted but guided by you in these trying times. I know you have a plan for her, and please let her be aware of that. You are the only one who's love can really sooth and mend her broken heart, and I pray that she sees that in BOLD FLASHING letters soon!
In Jesus Name I pray,


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