Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Letter R, and setting the record straight being "Honest to Blog"

Before I start my Blog from the fabulous,Sassy,Bloggerific, diva at Jimmy Choo’s and Tennis Shoes,about the letter R...I have something to say !

I just want to say that I have been offered to review a product by someone who, I will not name. She was very professional and , I am sure had great merchandise (Actually I could use the Body Butter for my ashy elbows).She wanted me to review her product, and wanted to edit TOO much of what I wanted to say, before I had the chance to try it-basically, she wrote the whole review and wanted me to commit plagiarism. She said it was "based on older blogs".(ahem,cymbalta?really)Why did you pick me, then????"AND had things to say about other parts of my blog, saying she could help get more followers if I changed things.
I have GREAT followers, the more the merrier, but I enjoy the 12 I have, because so far I can keep up with them, and have a distinct "fuzzy warm feeling" about who they are! I want to try and get to know ANYONE who follows me. Whether it is 12 or 200, and I WILL make a conscious effort, but I won’t sensor too much of what I say. I will respect you, and not curse in my review for Eco friendly Children's Bath products, but if I am going to talk about my crazy alcoholic Mother in a blog three days later, I am sorry.I started this blog for another reason, reviews are an added extra (if I get anymore offers.)
I don't say anything too outrageous, I’m not sadomasochistic, racist, or anti-any religion or culture. I don't engage in illegal activities, drop the "f" bomb (I don’t think) or talk too openly about bodily functions or give details about my almost non-existent sex life.
So, if CoCo Chanel wants to rise from the grave to tell me that she doesn’t like my blog on Why I Still Love No.5 and What Ever Happened to No.22? (a work in progress) then, I will delete it. Until then...blah blah blah.I am not an idiot, I can use common sense and have worked and lived in the public for years (I was released from the cave at the age of 9)!

Okay, so here are the rules.

Leave a comment on my post and I’ll assign you a letter. Then write about 10 things you love that begin with your assigned letter.Then post it on your blog. When people comment on your post, you assign them a letter, and it goes on and on, like SO.(don't you looove it when people say "like so?"ugh)
I was assigned the letter R. R? Really? This is hard....but maybe not. I feel my light bulb blinking right now!

    1.Running after Andrea (my life). It is soooo GREAT to know your purpose, and to watch her grow. These are the best years of my life. I swear
    2.Rhinoplasty (never had it, but definitely for it, if you think you NEED it to make YOU happy. I like my imperfect nose though) 3.Rainy Nights (when it rains really hard in the summer, or driving in a Jag through the city with good tires,breaks,and rain-x, listening to Sade) 4.Rib cookouts in the summertime
    5.Roasted Pumpkin Seeds
    6.Rebecca Taylor (I just love her fall collection. So feminine,vintage,hippie, gypsy looking) although too pricey for these times.Love the Blue Ruffle dress up top.Urge you to visit just the front page is darling. I want to frame it.
    7.Rebecca Beeson. Her fall collection is GORGEOUS (especially the blue dress I'm eyeing on, and you can get her ultra comfy and very chic tees and such on for like $25.Check out the sweater dress and the hot black and grey top.Too cute (and over $100-Nick will die)
    8.Running Shoes (I love my Asics, and really want to wear them with jeans, which I think only looks good on children and people over 65)
    9.Redken AllSoft Smooth Down Butter Treat (when I need a break from my Keihls Olive Oil Conditioner)
    10.Ribbons in children hair (or on just about anything)
    11.Rice-a Roni (really I do) walls (my mothers kitchen was red and I always loved it)
    13.Red roofs
    14.Red doors (I think they are so classy)
    15.Red lipstick (although it has to be worn right)
    16.ripe South Carolina peaches
    17.ripe bananas (yuk, when not) that I can follow
    19.retro wallpaper (although I am not that daring in the home)
    20.Ralph Lauren sheets and towells (I really think it's a childhood thing about the tags)
    21.Raspberry Beret (the song brings back memories) 22.Reading a GOOD BOOK (just started Wicked),can't believe I almost forgot that one!23.Round Brush's (I am the Queen of the Blow Out .I almost wrote something else, that is NOT true at all)
    Wow,23, in no particular order.Now, your turn!

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