Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Chain Gang, Paying it Foward

I think it was God who steered my mouse over to a blog who I could have sworn I followed...I meant to. It was wonderful, and I don't know what happened. I left her a commented on, so if she comes over here, I hope she leaves her mark and you check her blog. Anything about a lime and a coconut draws me in. Her blog got me thinking (uh-oh), and spoke to my heart.
I have been thinking about how good the human race “can be”. I have told you this before, but I believe there to be NO FLAT characters (all bad, all good).The human heart has so many facets, emotions, and feelings, it can’t be just one. No one has only ONE emotion, that is why I hate hearing anyone talk about someone’s reputation as though it is FACT (we all do it). subject, (when is my Concerta gonna kick in?)

I was taught in Sunday school to “do good deeds, but not brag about them. Instead of receiving your reward in Heaven, bragging rights will be the only reward you get”. I understand this and believe humility to be incredibly important…..especially for the person who only does good deeds for a reward. Whether it is in heaven or on earth. After all, good deeds aren’t enough to make it inside the Pearly Gates. So for many celebrities and politicians who plant trees and go to feed children in foreign countries…The DEED was needed and appreciated by Humans, and I don’t know their hearts, but if it was for publicity, then I was taught, publicity is their only reward. Maybe they are okay with that.
In the next Blog, I am going to “share” not brag about a good deed that meant a lot to me. Not because I want you all to think I am a Mother Teresa, but because, while I would love getting rewards in Heaven (as if being in Heaven, wasn’t enough) I received my reward that day, in my heart. I encourage you to do the same. Please, post a comment, telling what the deed was. Then share the joy of what giving to others meant to you, in your blog. What lessons did you learn, has it changed your point of view, life, anything, and if so, HOW? Then try to encourage others to do the same. I hope this gets more response than any blog about Jessica Simpson’s weight gain, or new burp cloths on BlogSpot. We’ll see. Not for my own personal benefit, (I am sure my next posts will delight and disappoint if I have buckets of readers) All that I am getting is a comment; WE are spreading an experience and a way to give back! We have all been blessed, please pay it forward. Let the chain game (GANG) begin!

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