Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Facebook and Tatiana from American Idol..what is she THINKING?

Just letting you all know that I invited you to be friends on facebook. I let facebook search the ppl I emailed and invite like that, so I was not stalking. Facebook was. I am too lazy to I don't give that much of a shit. Not about you, just anyone in general (accept for Andrea who I don't have to stalk yet. She is glued to MY side). I've seen Nick creep up in his car and try to peep in the window to see if I was at the gym. I am too lazy for even THAT these days. I feel bad for Andrea when she gets older. I will have the newest, most expensive binoculars around and phone calls will be tapped. Sorry if you don't agree. She can have privacy in the bathroom, The rest she earns after college (unless I am still po' and she gets a full-scholarship-then she EARNED it 100%) Right now, I have 0 privacy, and my mother sent Payback to tag along with me, so I want it to move on to the next generation.It's a tradition in our house; pray for them to succeed, be healthy and regret everything they put you through, in a way that betters them for life. did I get there? Oh, I know..I didn't take my concerta today! I am running out. I tried to shove some down Nicks throat to see if he would calm down. IT worked...but he didnt clean house like I had planned. :(

Ok, let me tell you. I dont like American Idol.Nick does, just to annoy me with his singing and comments like "she can get it" or "HOW did YOU GET ON THERE,JADE"when someone really stupid comes on. Not funny the first time, and still not. He did make dinner, WITH DRINKS (BLAM!!!IN YO FACE!) last night, so I need to give him a rest on the insults today. (even though he woke me up this morning , while styling his hair , by saying "you wanna be with all this you gotta get yo' shit right" I said........."be with all what? Get the hell out of my face. If that's what I get, I may never get my shit right (he was talking about my bank account)

I just love him!

Anyways, I like Bones and shows like The Wire,Dexter, and CSI more.
But last night I realized that American Idol is kinda funny in a very dysfunctional way. #1 Paula is drinking again....and she doesnt have a damn thing to say that Randy didnt say before. #2 Kara is a cutie, but "quit trying to prove yourself, #3 Simon is a narcissist but he knows his stuff....! Worst of all this season, was Paula's choice to let this Tatiana del Toro girl on the show. She is HORRENDOUS! I would love to have gone to high school with her. She is that ex-girlfriend who won't get a clue and does shit that you have only heard about but never thought anyone REALLY had the nerve or lack of pride to do,the sweet lil nice girl at the party who follows you around drunk all night, the "friend" who wont leave your house and acts like nothing is supposed to be wrong. UGH! I cant stand the girl!

She is relentless,extremely disloyal and "endlessly destructive in the service of her only cause, which happens to be -- surprise! -- herself" as I heard it put! She has a laugh that makes me cringe, and she is not that good looking (she actually wears ILL FITTED clothes, bc she has put on just a few pounds, and hasn't noticed). She cries too much,talks too much (about herself) and I want to just punch her in the throat everytime she opens her mouth. AND LAST NIGHT SHE STAYED!!!!!!!!!!This, like William Hung, has got to be a publicity stunt. No one is this terrible!!!!!!

I had a friend who used to be almost as bad, but she (for the very most part) has changed her ways!

Listen to what she wrote about herself in a statement/blog! Come on have you seen the way this girl acts?

It has been a painful and devastating process getting to where I am, and the thought that all that I have worked for could be blown and I could get cut and be the laughing stock!
of national television because of some people I just met, insulting me, blaming me for their own lack of talent and drive, sitting around moping and complaining and pointing fingers and wasting time, drove me to my melting point after HOURS/DAYS of trying to pull everything together with a smile on my face…
These people called me “Satan” yelled at me and blamed me for things that never happened ALL ON NATIONAL TELEVISION

. It was humiliating.

Come on have you seen the way this girl acts? She has no one to blame but herself.
These are all short!
LISTEN to THIS to hear how annoying she is and why she is there!
WATCH THIS to see how everyone else feels about her..priceless (very short)
...and WATCH this to see why YOU TOO will want to be rude and relentless to her ,even though it's not your style! or this-ha ha...........The Muppets are GREAT!


  1. Oh yea, she makes me cringe. I do NOT like her and hope she leaves AI quickly!!!

  2. Ha, Ha, concerta funny.

    I usually have to come back to your posts two or three times to finish them because I dont like to take my dexedrine. And it is hard for me to keep my attention on something for longer than a paragraph. Just me being me. But I always come back and finish reading them, it just takes me longer. Sorry, I am not done reading so I will comment again when I am.

  3. ha ha, Compulsivly yours.........are you saying my long posts are boring???????
    I'm flattered that you AT LEAST come back! :D

  4. I dont like American Idol either. I used to...but now its just gotten old. Im over it.


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