Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Yesterdays Tirade-I should become a lesbian!

In lieu of what I said yesterday, I am NOT against feminism all together. I actually respect many feminists (My Vicki is one) as far as equal rights are concerned, but just like the point was made in a comment from yesterday from Ellabee, some feminists are just over the top and "there is a difference between "radical feminism" (which gets all the press) and "feminism," sort of like the difference between "radical Muslims" and "Muslims." Not all feminists are bad. "
TO me,Gender and Race and Religion are all very different.
Race and Religion do not make anyone any less capable or more capable (even though it looks different in the NBA-YEAH-I SAID IT!)than anyone else.
Women are created differently than men, and while MOST of us are less capable physically,(I do know a girl named Trina that "lookalikeman" who I would not put Nick up against. Nicks a pretty solid dude) we are not any less intelligent or capable in the office, and if we were YEARS ago, it is the same with blacks, we were held back quite a bit. I think ALL OF THESE YEARS later, we have all proved that we are intelligent,willing,able,bodies who can succeed and should be paid the same wages and given the same respect in the workforce. I WANT to be a single mom for now, so I shouldn't bitch, but I also think that if I date a man, although I show him I AM CAPABLE and INDEPENDENT enough to take care of myself, he should want to take care of me. It's kinda like "I scratch your back, you scratch mine" with the person you love. I do what I am naturally good at doing, created to do (take care of children, nurture you and them, clean and cook and shop) and if I feel like working for some extra cash and watching football, then you should support me. I have a right to my own body and should be treated w the UTMOST respect b/c you love me! Same goes for you, you work, you fix things, you take care of the financial stresses,I'll have dinner ready and the children will be happy and taken care of (of coarse you will be there for them too) and if you want to watch a chick flick,get a manicure, or garden with me-I wont call you a FAG. (MANLINER and skinny jeans are a noooo though).
I agree with ALL of you, 100%........ and I dont back down from a chance to debate....(so "unfeminine" of me) .
Unless you believe that you were supposed to be born a man, not a women, and there was a mistake, or you just like being less female than the rest of us.......keep your mouth shut! Because UNLIKE Martin Luther Kings dream, this burning bra B.S, FOR THE MOST PART, (not all of it!!!!) blew up in our face. Thanks to all of you Ugly Betty's who couldn't get a date and needed to support yourself, or to all of you "Girls who dreamed of being a lumber jack", now becoming a lesbian looks more appealing than ever(accept when it comes to "making biscuits-ahem-ahem" I have a permanent headache!-if you know what I mean!), because then I will have a partner to share the load with (and clothes). She will work,cook,clean,take care of children and bills....etc!
Equal Rights My ASS.......people just like to "buck the system"
.......and no.....Many WNBA players arent AS good as most of the NBA players........and Ru Paul didn't get as far as Cindy Crawford did. Boo hoo!
Call me an ignorant southern,lazy,shallow,gold-digger (HA!) if you wish.....but,I have said this before, and will keep on saying it! As much as groups for feminists or "African-Americans" (many of them are just as African as I am Irish and I dont call myself "Irish-American") were needed at one time, they are now just focusing of the negative and stimulating the "victim mentality". If we want to be equal, ACT EQUAL!!! You are actually belittling yourselves and "groups" be accepting ONE MONTH, ONE STATION, ONE AWARDS CEREMONY, blah blah blah! Women and people of all races should be taught about,seen, and respected, all day everyday. Demand it by owning it, not bitching and crying about it! I hate to say this, but look at what Jewish people went through, and you don't hear them demanding an apology from ALL THEIR VICTIMIZERS. Why? Wisdom, and faith.
Today isn't Tuesday, no tirading about here!
My playlist ROCKS!!!!


  1. I am loving your posts! You tell it like it is... keep rocking!

  2. I would like to say amen to your post and add that when we quit seeing color, age, religion, gender, and start seeing each other for what we are individually then that will be a wonderfully enlightened time for us, but we are far from that. And also, I think it would be wise for us to accept that some things are never going to be equal and that is a pill the ultra crazy feminist need to swallow.

    It seems we keep lumping people into these groups and giving them names. To me it is ridiculous but apparently a biological necessity since we can not seem to quit doing it. I do not tell people how I feel about God, Religion, Politics and the list goes on, unless I feel very comfortable with that person because I don't want the label and to be set apart and put with a "group". And the victim label I hate so, after many years of wearing it and enjoying it, I took it off and no longer divulge certain things about myself. WHY?

    Because why the hell would I want to be labeled anything based on the group of people I nod and give my approval to? and especially why would I want you all to be apologizing to me for my sad life. Come on.

    so, amen to you sister. I am nodding my approval now.

  3. We'll Rome wasnt built in a day...and one by one, if we are different and teach our children to be different then the chain begins. OR at least I think, but what do I know.

    on another note..........DONT YALL LOVE MY PLAYLIST...listen to the words, ha ha-Im fishing!


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