Thursday, February 12, 2009


My boyfriend is the biggest "negative Nancy" you have ever met..Debbie Downer is nothing compared to him. Whenever we go anywhere, he complains about something.
No matter what I do with myself (even if I did what he suggested) he criticizes.
He moved down here (5 hours away) to be with me, and I can't just kick him out. I don't know if that is what I want to do anyways.He has no one down here but me...and he drives me NUTS w his negativness. He is constantly by my side, and I know most women would want that, but I like a lil alone time.
Right now,I'd rather be alone.
I asked him to go visit his family. He said not this weekend. I WANT THE HOUSE TO MYSELF, just to clear my head and visit w my best friend...ME!
There is no other man...THANK GOD! As shitty as this sounds, if you are not an asset, you are a liability. I can do it on my own (proven), so if I have to WEDGE you into my schedule, in the future, I'm getting something extraordinary out of it. Take that as you wish.You have to genuinly LOVE my daugter. I don't need you to be her father,(she has one) but you need to be a "father figure" to her if you want to be in the PICTURE! I am not depleting my bank account. I am not wasting My time worrying over where you are, or listening to lies and am not missing out on my family and friends.
My friend is having a crisis, I am going to stay at her house, NOT PARTY (because I look rough) and then I can have some free time. He is mad. What's new?

Right now, I wish he were a sailor. I'd make a great sailor's wife. I like my alone time,I like to cook, and clean, and even miss someone.(probably why we were GREAT when he lived 5 hours away,although in the long run I'd like a constant companion) I could never bring myself to cheat because I am a bad liar.(truth) I like to pay all of my attention to my daughter and leave you out. I can't help it. I don't "like" to do it, but it will happen,eventually happen. I need YOU to want to be in the middle of our game, not so immature that you feel left out. I need YOU to have a garage that you like tinkering with old car parts in. I'm an old soul,really.

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  1. Hey...sorry .. that sucks and those people have a way of just brining us down with them when they are in the pit..


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