Friday, February 13, 2009

I can't believe how fast she is growing!

OH MY GOD,I just realized that last night was the first time Andrea has ever made VDay Cards for her classmates! I mean I knew it as we were doing it, and we had fun, but I am just now thinking about it like "where has the time gone". I get this feeling all of the time, but OH MY!
For Valentines Day I gave her a $50 to Books A Million (I bought a book for $13 on it too though, Bad MAMA).
She is reading soooo good! Today was her first Valentines Day Party at school and she was sooo exited. I dont buy holiday clothes. I wouldnt wear them, so neither does she...but I felt bad because all of the lil girls had hearts on their clothes. C'mon now,JADE! HEARTS can be worn anytime of year! I should have searched through her entire wardrobe for some hearts..but I was DRAINED.
She wanted to give the cards that she thought were "ugly" to the people who acted "ugly" and we had a talk about that.She never calls anyone ugly.I always tell her to say ONE good thing to herself about anyone who makes her mad (I dont do that). Like "Savanah gets on my nerves. She tried to boss me" I say " why? That wasn't nice....what is something we like about Savanah?"
It does more good than you think.
She is sooo smart though! I think I have taught her well. Even though she couldnt find the list of names of peeps in her class, I asked questions about people and she answered to give me names. Like " who has the longest hair" "who is the best reader" "who sits closet to the teacher, who sits beside her?" and she remembered names. Nick helped her as I got up to use the restroom and I heard her say "we don't refer to people by color".OMG! He was innocently asking "do you have any black girls in your class? (of coarse she does) to help her come up with more names. I taught her that rule (even though NO one uses it, no matter what color you are, you refer to other ppl by color,PIGMENTATION.....which I think is stupid, but then again -so would be refering to them by hair color too, in some people's eyes) It just made me happy that she thinks like that.
Last night, she told me " I know you are always there for me" when I told her that she had nothing to be scared of when she heard a noise.SHE IS 5...and be angelic because of Vday,probably...but I'll enjoy it while it lasts.


  1. She sound absolutely precious. And good for you on teaching her the way you are. I love it.

  2. I love that you love being a momma. Your daughter is so adorable.

    Your layout is cool. I want a cute layout. Where do you get them.

    Also, it is kinda hard to read the print, maybe you could darken the letters a teeny bit, or it could just be me.

  3. She is beautiful-- I used to think people were crazy when they said they grow up so daughter is now 15 and I wonder where did the time go..Although most of that time I was growing up too..

    You are awesome Mom you post shines that!


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