Monday, February 16, 2009

My crazy ,cracked-out-Vday!

Okay, so I do got to the gym, I LOOOOVE to go to the gym, in spurts. I told you that I am not only ADD, BUT a GEMINI. I have two sides (one that likes to be lazy, one that can't) and I can't complete anything I start. I work out or I eat right, never two together, and I hate the "DREADMILL"...Ahhhh!
My motivation however is my friend Abby. Yes, AbbyNormal. She went from a lot larger than me,to a size smaller than me with ZERO percent body fat, just lean muscle. Makes me sick. She JUST had to ge dressed in front of me. I hate her. She weighs nothing. I don't worry about my weight, but she was BIGGER! No matter how toned I get, I can do nothing about my love handles and belly fat. It looks flat, but lets put it this way...I cant wear bkinis with jewls or rings on the side (the fat will buldge right there)and if I sit down, fat hangs over on my belly a just lil. I know, I know, who cares????? When you get undressed next to one of your Best friends who used to be walk with a waddle, wear garnny bras, and big sweatshirts EVERYWHERE(I loved her anyways) and you have a lil of all that in ur abdomen, you feel kinda like"geez....maybe I should step it up a notch".
She is addicted to diet pills. Really ADDICTED. I'll take Stacker 3's before I got to the gym sometimes, but that is about as harsh as I can go. I took them before my doctor prescribed me medication for other stuff. She takes Redline to work out at the gym, and then lipo-6 when she goes to work (she is a nurse, kinda) for energy! She smokes a pack a day, rarely eats (and when she does it is ritz crackers and cottage cheese). And runs for 45 minutes on the treadmill 4 times a week (and tans and whitens her teeth DAILY too) ALL in the name of vanity.
I decided to go to the gym with her, and I took one of those Redline things, I was fine, but as soon as my heartrate went up on the treadmill, I started sweating and gagging. Instant nausea. I had to keep running to the bathroom to dryheave, everytime I would get into a set of reps for arms or anything(needless to say I gave up on the treadmill after 10 minutes).What the HELL ???that was Terrible!That stuff was like crack in pill form. This girl has never taken a street drug in her life (I can say I have not smoked crack or done heroine, but experimented with a few things before Andrea) and she was just mosying along the gym like everything was okay. She would try to teach me something new on a machine (which I knew most of what she taught me, but did learn some great moves) and I would feel like CRAP when my heartrate went up! YUK!She though I was just a wuss,whatever!
I just wanted to go home.
I got to the house and Nick asked if I wanted to go to dinner. I took a shower,felt better and so went to to Red Bowl. I had sushi, he had steak. He ordered us drinks. I had two Martinis...and I dont know WHAT was in them, or if it was that stupid crack pill she gave me, but I was DRUNK, and not nice. He wanted to talk about $,loans and stuff, and that would be cool, but I could not think of answers, so I'd get rude, not noticing I was loud, and then I'd say something like "nosy pricks need to mind their business", is it that fairy behind us that is staring?" when he would tell me someone was staring. He paid the bill,escorted me out, in my very elegant, high waisted, double belted (patent) blk and grey wool (they are sooo nice)pants and blk casmere wrap sweater, with blk patent heels...talkng like a redneck from Gastonia who wore chic jeans and drove a 1982 IRock.
I argued with him about going to the $ store (????) which was closed, but I still wanted to go, and then I passed out in the car.
He put me to bed, kissed me on my forehead and said "I always get the best of you, dont I"
The next morning I felt so bad.
I NEVER get drunk. I like to have a drink or two...a lot! But on diff days. When I did get drunk, I was usually nice! What the heck happened? There was my Valentines Day.


  1. I have never in my life heard a Valentine's story like this and I doubt I ever will again. That was a crack-up, no pun intended.

    And on the subject of your hair color...I think you're beautiful either way but I think you look smashing with the dark brown hair in that picture, and yes, I'm partial because mine is dark brown too. So take it with a grain of salt, if you'd like.

    Happy Monday!

  2. Well, thank you, hun! I really appreciate it!
    Yes, it was a crack up. Oh My!!! Not very flattering or romantic. :(


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