Monday, February 16, 2009

Since I have fallen in love with organizing!!!

I want to and have started to do every closet of my house into a Plastic Storage Container Wonderland. I plan on moving soon, but not too soon. I dont want to take Andrea out of the school district she is in, and the condo I wanted sold before I could make my mind up (plus, I have some things I need to do).
So, I am decorating and organizing my apartment (they were condo's and I can paint them) however I want.
Part of what I want is a cool computer desk (have to buy a new computer. Ibooks are a Bitch to fix,very expensive) and then a new computer desk. I already have my important papers organized, but not in the stylish,chic, fancy way OfficeMax is making me want to do. Am I a nerd who needs to get a life, or slowly maturing into a domesticated,scrapbooking,cupcake making,walk taking, price cutting,sleep hogging,over planning,organized Diva? If so, this is change I am welcoming with age.Whooo-hoo
Now, quit thinking about what a dork I am and watch this quick( realy quick) commercial/video...and tell me if OfficeMax doesnt brainwash you too! Oh, and I really like her sweater. Very Anthropologie!

You might need QuickTime! Peace :)


  1. That was a great commercial. So much better than their old ones! I want some pretty organizing containers now!

  2. I'm a total organization nut and I have a total addiction to plastic containers. :)

  3. your blog looks fantastic.. can't wait to follow you everyday!


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