Monday, February 16, 2009

Vicki's are Amazing

Last night when I picked up my daughter from being with her father, I told her that I had a surprise for her. Andrea is a lot like I was as a child. She likes being in the prescense of adults (ecspecially women) much rather than friends. I used to like to hang out with my friends mothers. One of them was Victoria Reef. She took me to a Bush concert and was always there if I needed her. She was so special to me,and I to her.She called me the "Daughter she never had, but wished she could have". I loved her!
Anyways back to the story. I told Andrea she had a surprise. Her surprise was that we were going to my friend Vicki's house. When we pulled up to the house,she was ecstatic! Kasey (Vicki's Dog, was too). Vicki made Andrea,Sti(her husband) and I Veggie Manicotti (shes been a vegetarian, just like my other Vicki for 30 years) and we drank red wine (me only one glass, I had to srive, and I dont really drink in front of Andrea unless we are at the dinner table for occasions) and had mini cheese-cakes. Andrea doesnt like cheesecakes, but was so in awe of Vicki, that she gulped hers down. Her and Vicky were like kindred spirits, talking about Sonny and Cher (Andrea's idols....I'm sure I have told you how upset she was when SHE found out Sonny " ran into a tree".. "Mommy, why was he running so fast? Why didnt he run around it?")...and Vicki's amazing house (Sti works for ahigh-end European commerical company)
and all kinds of things. I sat back with Sti and watched the two of them with a tender heart, and almost teary eyes. I know how Andrea felt, because I felt the same way when I met Vicki.
I dated her son for a short period of time after Andrea's father and I broke up. Andrea was just a toddler, and the need to find somone , now that he had found THREE caught up with me. Her son and I were good friends, but we had different goals in life. He wanted to party, I didnt-AT ALL! At that point, I was scared to drink ONE beer. He would irratate me (like most men do) and I would sit out on the back porch and talk to his mother. We got along so well. I understood her sense of humor,and she understood mine.
When we broke up, she yelled at him. He was so upset that he refused to talk to her. She told me it was a pitty that he didnt see what was under his nose. I broke up with him on Mothers Day, because not only was I at my wits end with his partying, he not only didnt even get me a card, he didnt get one for his Mother. I couldnt handle that.
After that, her and her husband would come visit me (sometimes together or seperate) at the REsteraunt where I worked, and I still got invited for all holidays, (although I only showed up after it calmed down). Vicki has been a Mother away from my Mother, and seeing Andrea love her soooo much, was amazing to me. You just cant help it. She isnt fancy, she isnt a diva, she isnt rich, she is just a Vicki, and something about that makes her charming and goodhearted. I wish I could explain it.
I've known so many Vicki's and only two of them were older than me, both were very important in my life!
Little by little you will get to know THE WONDERFUL people in my life, like Andrea,Heather,Amy and Vicki-and not so wonderful like Donna,Allison, (ha ha-Im sure she isnt ALL bad )and so on.


  1. Very nice story. Thanks for sharing with us... men can be such idiots!

  2. Damn, I'm talented and all but I couldn't read the post from all that bric a brac.

    or maybe it was the martini. One or the other.

  3. Well, some computers are different than others, and on mine the print shows up perfectly...the font is dark brown and bold, if thats what you are referring to as "brick brack" , but then again ...on your end, it may be the martini. Thanks for reading :)


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