Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More of a reminder to self!

The one <--- is by Mary Casset.Very pretty!

I have to buy these paintings in the next few weeks (before the "kinda inlaws" come to town)

Almond Branches in Bloom, San Remy, c.1890 Vincent Van Gogh. My couch is green, soo it would go nice with that, but the size suggests that it may go better above fireplace.

I also know that I am very original when I tell you that I love Gustov Klimt. I cant help it...I have,even as a child. I should like more unknown artists, it makes you look cooler, but the two of tree's (???) are both so beautiful to me, and of coarse there is something symbolic in a Mother and Child painting!


  1. You have excellent taste in art! I hope you have found them in a reasonable print form. Those can get pricey!

  2. Those are all beautiful! You have such great taste!

    I just love that new background too, it is given so much character by the distressing of the scratches.

    Have a great week!

    Love and Prayers,


  3. I so have great taste in art. I want the third beside my bed! So I can wake up to it everymorning!


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