Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thankful Thursday!

Garth Brooks (lol) once sang "I thank GOd for unanswered prayers".
Today I am doing the same!
The 10 unanswered prayers I am thankful for (all prayers are answered, maybe just not the way you want to hear them at the time)are as follows..........
  1. I prayed to Jesus that I would never have children. Thank You for giving me Andrea instead.
  2. Thank You for not helping Andreas father and I be together "forever".That would not have been cool.
  3. Thank you for not giving me the car loan I wanted a few years ago,I couldnt afford it.
  4. Thank you for allowing Andy to screw up our relationship the NIGHT BEFORE we signed on our house to be built.
  5. Thank you for my parents not getting clean when I asked, and instead waiting much later. I learned important lessons.
  6. Thank you for NOT letting me go into labor early because I couldnt handle it anymore. That was selfish, and thanks to you,Andrea was and is very healthy!
  7. Thank you for some reason (that I dont know yet) for the condo that I wanted getting sold right under my nose....maybe I am not ready yet or something better is out there.
  8. Thank you for letting my Altima burn to the ground off the interstate (and for Andrea not being in the car). I saw that there are good people who like to help out there, and I got a better car because of it!
  9. Thank you for not saving my parents house, once again-good lesson learned.
  10. Thank you for taking my Granny to be with you in Heaven. She would be worried sick today, and I know she is happier with you!


  1. Aww,what a sweet post! It is those unanswered prayers that are sometimes the best!

  2. Thank you for posting this. I now will thank God for unanswered prayers. After my day turned black at 4pm it was very difficult to see the good in this world. You have helped me.

  3. What an awesome post. Unanswered prayers are great sometimes.


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