Friday, February 6, 2009

My weekend Plans----rambeling.sorry :(

Today I get off at 2pm, so I will be heading to the dirty stinky gym (with one of my long time BF,who can read my mind KRisitn), then picking up Andrea and having "family Night" with her and Nick. Then after she goes to sleep, I am supposed to meet my good friend (who my other friends and boyfriend and boyfriends family nicknamed "Abbynormal") at 8:30 for a few drinks and an appetizer. She is (big shocker) stressed out over her boyfriend. They broke up Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and each time I talked to her for over an hour t get her back on track. I don't sugarcoat things for her,I tell her "if you don't start thinking for YOU and quit bugging and sticking your head up his arse, he WILL cheat, only to get rid of you". This always happens with A.N. She dates a guy, they fall "head-over-heels" and then she stalks him when he wot spend every waking hour with her. She drops her friends, and wont make plans, in fear he will call. Then when they break up, she frets over how to get him back, and talks of suicide. The girl does have problems, but really they are the same problems we all have from time to time, but have just grown out of or learned our lesson from. I've been a wreck when I had a bad break up ONCE, she doesnt. Einstein wrote the quote "insanity is when you do the same thing time and time again ,expecting different results for my friends A.N and Jennifer" the two most loving and sweet, tenderhearted FRIENDS that you could have. Just trainwrecks in relationships.I am so honest with A.N that it is brutal, and we make agreements,set goals for how long she'll wait to call him, and even try to make her life VERY busy, but I am busy, and tonight was not convienent for ME, but I'll do it for her. Watch her be a no-show because she is camped out in his neighborhood with her binoculars. I'll follow up! She said she'd drive ALL the way to my side (45 minutes) if I'd meet up with her. SO I am. I love the girl regardless, and THE ONE time I did go through this madness and sadness, I had friends do that for me, and drinks and apps and laughing at a few drunks here and there SURE helped. Maybe well take pics.
Then tomorow I have HEATHERS BDAY!!!! I LOVE YA,HEather! HEather is my BF, and my cousin. We did not know we were cousins until AFTER we were BF...but she is the best person on EARTH! Seriously. ....and I don't know what I would have done these past 17 years without her. MUWA!She is making me go to my old high school stomping grounds (womp womp, only for HER) and hang out with all the girls we grew up with-who I love!!! (and there will probably be girls we DID not hang out there, gossiping all around us, LIKE THEY DO( living it up NOW bc they were losers in school, and are still trying to impress ppl with HOW DRUNK THEY ARE, instead of trying to stay a LIL responsible/respectful because they have FAMILIES -or dignity at home) These girls are the reason I HATE going to where I grew up! They made my life HELL! I was popular, but not because I wanted to be, but rather because my boobs were too big for my body (that soon changed) and I happened to live in a neighborhood with the right people, and my lifelong friends were popular. I was not a cheerleader,didnt date jocks, and wasnt rude to anyone, yet they still spray painted nasty things about me on the rocks. I caught one of them. Her name was Carrie. She was overweight, had massive acne, and wore a Winni The Pooh sweatshirt. I asked her "what the hell she was doing" and she said "leave my man alone" I didnt even know who her man was. Apparently neither did he, but word got around, and it was JEff, the lil guy across the street who I would ask to mow the lawn and he would do it. I'd split the $$$ my mom gave me, and that was the end of it! WOW!!!
Anywho...she'll be there. Even though She never wrote on the walls again, the rumors spread and spread, and her and her lil crew still LOVE to chat it up about what we are all up to. (I know because her brother, who is missing a tooth, always comes to talk to-and Im nice-and he tells me about how he heard this, or that. Last time I saw him I told him that I was still not married..and that "I couldnt even get a lowlife to marry me" and somehow he turned it around and said "just as conceited as you always were". If that is the case ..WHY DO U COME AND TALK TO ME, and Im always nice to you...and where did you get that from??? Most ppl would be embarrassed to stand around talking to someone who looks like they smoke crack, but I dont care...and you insult me.WOW, I should be like everyone else and duck behind a magazine rack)
Why am I rambeling about this?? Oh, yeah...I love Heather so I'll go. And I will have a BLAST cause my favorite girls will be there~!
I am not into going to clubs or bars. I like to go to movies, and I like to have drinks and apps at places where people arent grinding into each other, or getting REALLY tore up EVERYWHERE (a few here and there are funny_ I like to here what my friend is saying, and what I am saying, so if A.N shows up tonight that should be fun, even though Ill have to steal her phone so she wont call him,and be overly happy to set the mood (shes distraught right now) and a lil flirtier than usual to guys who are good looking, so they will come sit down and I can tell them I have a boyfriend but my beautiful friend just went through a breakup, so she can see, once again.........there are more fish in the sea.
Wow.........I should erase this one!


  1. Thanks for your comment. I agree I was glad to see Shannon leave; she's a total stalker. I was shocked when he sent Stephanie home instead of Jillian because she didn't stand out as much this week! Stephanie just seemed too much like a mom than a wife though!

  2. Right back at ya!

    That was quite a story. I found your blog thru a friends. Hope you dont mind if I follow. Please feel free to stop by and visit, would love for you to follow along with us as well.

    Love and Prayers.

  3. Sounds like you had a busy weekend!! Hope you had a blast!

  4. Hey Jade, thanks for stopping by and following my blog! I just wanted to let you know that you went to one of my secondary blogs. While Im glad you are following it, the main blog you will want to follow is This is our main blog that is updated regularly. The main blog has links to all the other ones.
    Looking forward to getting to know you better,

    Love and Prayers,


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