Friday, February 6, 2009

We have decided on the dog we want! Isn't that PRECIOUS? And I have a friend who has a few, and they are TOO sweet!Andrea is bugging me for a Yorkie, but I need to think about it, because not only are we in an Apartmen (and condo hunting for the moment) but I also have to purchase a new car before Spring.AHHH!

What to do, what to do. I like this little guy--> just the way he is........all furry and fluffy, but I know Andrea wants a girl. Not just so she can say it is a GIRL, but also becuase she wants to "gasp" dress her up with "lots of bows". How many bows does a 3 pound dog need. When does it go from cute, to overboard,and embarrasing? Like I said, either way is fine with me, and I am proud that Andrea is veryyyyy loving with animals, but poor Nick sure is gonna look ridiculous when he takes the dog for outings (he is just as exited as we are) wearing a dress. LOL!


  1. Ah, dont dress the poor little dog
    It's not a toy
    Just love it as it is
    All dogs need a yard to play in

  2. Well, I live by the sea in Australia---
    And I'm of Scottish descent and they lived by the river Clyde


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