Friday, February 6, 2009

Question of the Day! Please Answer too!

Q:How did you come up with the name of your blog?
A:Jason Mraz is one of my favorite musicians (very underrated) and he has a song called "Too Much Food On My Plate" it describes a man with JUST THAT..who has way too many thoughts going through his head, and very different outlooks on things. He feels like he is very different from the rest of the world and people keep trying to put limits on the things he can do. I liked that song A LOT. I hope Jason Mraz doesnt get upset w/ me for using

"You can say that I'm one curly fry in the box of the regularMessing with the flavor oh the flavor that you savorSaving me for last but you better not eat me at allLiving in a fast food bag making friends with the ketchup and saltPeople say that I'm crazy for not moving on to better thingsInstead I'm sitting around trash talking with the onion ringsBut it's much too soon to leave this easy lifePass me the spoon. Pass the analytical knife" JM

Now, go post a question and answer, that you would like everyone else to answer as well. When you are through, post your name and url to Cool way to meet new people!


  1. One of my blogs was easy...gifoftheday since it is a daily gif site :)

    The other is Doublebanker since I love to play pool and have gotten good at the double bank shot! :)

  2. I tried to come up with something quick. I figured since my husband and son are boys as are our animals it fit. Not the most exciting name, but it is what I am going with until I think of something better!

  3. My husband made mine. He has dadstart, but he doesn't blog anymore


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