Friday, February 6, 2009

It's THAT time of YEAR! Showing how weird I am

This, to me is the worst time of year! Not only because funds are lower because of Christmas shopping, and the icy cold, and my dry winter skin, and pasty winter face, and chapped lips, and static cling hair, and having to WARM your car up before you can drive (so you have to wake up earlier) but MOST OF ALL....because of the sickness.
Now I can handle a cold. I do not get scared of getting colds. If you have a cold, I might even drink out of your cup! No biggie to me. It is an excuse to get out of doing things you do not want to and gives you an excuse to lay in bed and sleep. AHH!
There is something going around, every February that I am SCARED TO DEATH of.I am not a crazy scared person about ANYTHING. I dont care about spiders, or snakes. I love ghost stories, and blood doesnt make me lose it.I am terrified of VOMIT! It has stopped me from nursing,a nd actually made me develop social anxiety...I'm so scared of that VIRUS! I have a phobia of this,actually...and this virus spreads like wildfire.Go figure! I would rather have both legs broken then have the stomach flu, and one leg broken than be around ANYONE who has it. If I hear someone has it, not only do I have to ask lots of questions to make sure that maybe it was not the virus, yet something they ate (to clear my anxious mind) but I also want them to be quarantined.
Some people act as though it is no big deal!!!!!!!!!! OMG! If you plan a wedding, spend thousands of dollars on it, and you get the rotavirus on the BIG DAY, guess what! The bride is going to be M.I.A unless you want to see her projectile vomit and have a bad case of swamp pants along the isle. No medicine can put it to ease, not even for a little bit. YOU ARE OUT OF COMMISSION! No control! Look, it happened to Bush Sr when he was having dinner at the TABLE with some peeps in JAPAN! It can happen to anyone,at any time.
I have read up on ways to avoid getting it, and KNOCK ON WOOD, I havent in a few years.KNOCK ON WOOD KNOCK ON WOOD KNOCK ON WOOD!!!! But Andrea has, and remember, I have a hard time being around anyone who does have it. Of coarse I take care of her, but I do cry a little. I try not to! OMG, that is the scariest thing EVER for me! She doesnt know I cry, because she is crying, but I cry!
This phobia of mine makes me not want to take any vacation, have visitors, or leave my house from Dec-March...but especially February! I do anyways,but when I hear it is going around our town (which I heard yesterday) I go into panic mode, and have the "dont put your fingers in your nose,ears or eyes, talk a few times a day, and wont kiss or share drinks with ANYONE" . I dont ACT like a lunatic, but I secretly think like it,and try my best not to let the world see me as I use my sleeve to open doors,use forks for french fries, and wash my hands excessively! UGH, I know I sound like a weirdo, but I had to tell SOMEONE, because no one really knows..........and I am freaking out inside.
I know that fear is not a gift from you, and is not of you. I am sorry that I hang onto this fear, and everyday I will make a conscious effort to trust and have faith in you, and not this fear from the enemy.
In Jesus Name I prey,Amen

Hey!!! People are scared of a lot worse. I saw a women who was scared of pickles on tv, so LOCK IT UP! :)

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  1. I use my sleeve to open bathroom doors, and fingers for french fries, but a fork for tater tots.

    SuperBowl XLII gifs added


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