Friday, February 6, 2009

So Far,Not so Good

Okay, I have only been to two sights but they are both exactly alike. Both sites ask you to download the "coupon printer" to your computer. WHY?(I don't like that) and then most of the cupons are for things you do not buy a large amount of, and arent even on your list. AND...the other half is for beauty products, or flowers or Victoria's Secret. SO, is it really helping to save us money when you flaunt 15% off of any purchase of $100 or more, in our "just going to get bread and milk" faces? I don't think so.
So Far.... For Groceries is not the way to go. (But you CAN find okay coupons for Seven Jeans ,Bebe,American Eagle,Apple, Victoria's Secret, or even Benefit, Bare Minerals, and Neutrogena,etc.) And THEY DO give away free things with purchase at some stores.

Let's see what else I come up with. I have 7 hours Remember,the goal is GROGERIES (telling myself this) :)

I just realized that EverSave or <---- that is the page you get to once you filled out all of the crap)
has some good coupons (I am not sure if they work or not yet) but you do have to go through a lot of promotion pages. But you still have to install crap!UGHHHH, I don't trust that.

It's 12:59...and still no luck. But I got a coupon for FREE Chocolate Chex MIX! YAY!!!!!!1
I feel like I am giving up...but I'll try not to....whomp,whomp!

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