Thursday, February 5, 2009


I have to go Grocery Shopping this weekend (UGH!) and Nick has given me an assignment. He wants me to see what I can get for $50! He said that I need to learn how to budget, because I can not do it in a grocery store. I CANT! It's true!....But thanks to my new friend at maybe I can! I am going to be clipping as many coupons (the 20 year old me from my past is embarrased of the 26 year old me in the present) HAY! THESE ARE HARD TIMES!!!! and I am going to let you all know what I got, what I spent, and what happened! I will even take pics (I saw a woman on Oprah spend like $.97 and get a TON). Wish me LUCK! I'll take a pic of my reciept and post it Monday!
If y'all know of any coupons that can be printed, post it as a comment, and if you know of any friends who do this type of thing, please refer them here, and to As usual, if you post a comment, I will do the same,and when I find something really cool, and useful,I'll start giving credit for it, here!!!! Also, if you want to do the same and compare, that would be GREAT!!!
I never liked the old ladies with the coupons in the grocery stores very much.....but now I wish I would have made my words a little sweeter, cause here I am soppin' up with gravy!!!
...let some lil devil give me the ol' stink eye in line! Peggy will jump out of me and lay it down! (Peggy is my Gma..tell ya more about her later, that's a post you WONT believe...kinda saving it for The Mothers)
oh, and please check out and tell me what you think :)


  1. It's so hard to budget in a grocery store when food prices are sky-high. I always plan out each meal for the week and then only buy what's on the list. That's helped a little, but I tried the coupon thing, and I ended up buying stuff I normally wouldn't have b/c of the discount. I hope you do better than I did :)

  2. Well, that was my experience too!(HAY, buy one get one free on RED HAIR DYE! Wow!I've been there. No, I am looking for coupons for things we ALL use weekly, and free things. I am motivated......I think.Thanks for the support :D

  3. i'm one of those budget gals...i actually love the challenge! go direct to proctor and gamble's site and others and download coupons direct to your kroger card...if you have that store there! it's techy and fun!

  4. I am a super hot and sexy coupon Mom! And proud of it. I have a girlfriend and her and I compare who saves the most each week. She has saved as much as $90.00 at one time with coupons. I'm not that good. But its like free money so why not. $50.00 is a challenge but if you are creative with savings, you may surprise us all. It will take some effort. Good luck!

    Thanks for stopping by the Spicy Wifey Blog too and sharing your thoughts. I can relate, that was the intital inspiration for the post! Have a great weekend!

  5. OK! I am JAMMING to your playlist by the way. I love Stevie Wonder, he's going to be on Ellen tomorrow.

  6. Oh man, I can not wait to see how far you stretch the $50. I might learn a thing or two from you. The only way I know how to save money on groceries is not to buy them.

  7. $50 is going to be SO hard, and embarrasing in line, but I WANT TO BE LIKE THAT LADY ON OPRAh, or Spicy Wifeys friend who saved $90.00. I have NEVER EVER done this before, but I am up for the challenge. *Fingers crossed*
    What is he thinking,$50??? Cheap butt!


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