Monday, February 23, 2009


I just bought these adorable (or at least I thought so) shoes. Don't they look COMFY? Check out more here!

I just love Jessica Simpson's shoes. That is one thing she is good at...designing, or wearing....okay, well.......PUTTING HER NAME ON shoes. Yep, that' s it.

Some of them look kinda "hoochified" from time to time, but the quality is great, the price isnt so bad, and if you want to try a Gucci look with out the wallet for them, she (or you Nordstrom shoe Sales Woman) is the girl to see! They arent a "steal" but they are reasonable.

I ordered mine on, then order a promo code from Saved my like $30. (I saw them at a Boutique Saturday and had to have them)

WARNING! Do not click the "do you want to save an addition $20?) button at the end of your purchase. I am still trying to get my credit card info back from them. UGH!

Now I have to find a bag.

There is a bag, not VeraBradley, but someone else (a womans name) that I have seen that I like in a cool green or yellow I dont remember what the brand is called. It has a heart charm on it a lot. They are pretty inexpensive.......what are they called? Any help?


  1. I really like those! The color is perfect. I want some now!

  2. I absolutely love those shoes!! I can't wait to see what bag you come up with.

  3. They do look comfy. Have fun wearing them. :)

  4. LOVE those!! Her flats are always so cute

  5. Love the shoes!! Is it Betsy Johnson?


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