Monday, March 2, 2009


I have been given the Turning Lemons into Lemonade award by my friend @ A Form of Therapy . (This isn't really an "award" if you ask me, because it is asking me to do something, and I have never heard of an "award" that assigns you work...... ha ha,but I am still grateful :) xoxo)

I have been asked to write about a few people that I am grateful for, so here goes!

1.My Father! Not my biological father,here on earth...but my Heavenly Father. He has loved me,completely,100% all faults,sins,and horrible,wicked ways ,included. No human being can love another the way that he can love me. I have been angry with him before, but he forgave me. I have turned my back on him, and he has never done the same.I wrote down on index cards all of my "wants" for my future when I had just had my daughter. Selfish and unselfish wants. I found those cards not too long ago, and the most UNREAL to me at the time, my biggest struggles, and biggest hopes and wishes had all been met. I did not ask for a BIG mansion, I asked for independence and a humble home that I could be proud of. I did not ask for a Maserati, I asked for a dependable car. I asked for Andrea to be healthy. I asked for independence, and the ability to take care of Andrea without any help,financially. I asked for my parents sobriety.I asked for the little things that people take for granted, that I did not have. Nothing happened overnight, but it all happened, because I trusted him. He has been there emotionally through my darkest hours, and is only one prayer away. Sometimes not even that much! I am grateful!

2. My daughter! She has taught me soooo much about life and love in her few short years of existence than I could imagine. God knew the remedy for my selfishness and stubborn immature ways . He had a recovery all mapped out, and it all began with her. She is my best "earthly" friend, and words can't express what her loving me, and even more, me loving her has accomplished in my lifetime.

3.My parents. They did the best they could raising me. They made mistakes along the way, but no one is perfect. They cared for me unconditionally, and stood beside of my through my darkest times. I thank them for my childhood, and my upbringing. It may not have always been the best way to grow up, but it made me who I am inside, and made me strive for what I want to accomplish. They made me not rely on earthly possessions alone,and made me yearn for love and kindness. They instilled a sense of appreciation and compassion for all mankind, no matter what they struggle with, and helped me to understand humility. Even at their hardest times, which were also mine, they forced me to be independent and strong, all by accident (because if my mother was clean at the time, she would have carried me for the rest of her life), but I am still thankful for it. My father taught me to appreciate people who are different and gave me a love for music and writing. My mother taught me to put others first, but to also never neglect yourself. I love them both. I don't say it enough....I call my mom and apologize anytime I think of something terrible I put her through. Often times she has forgotten. I call her to tell her I appreciate her whenever I am stuck with all the chores and Nick and Andrea are being unpleasant, because she has been there. I text my father, just to say "I love you" or "I heard a song/watched a movie you'd like" you would have to know my dad to know what and why that means something. Yesterday I received a text from him that made me cry. It said " If you tell anyone about this, I'll deny it-I have a rep to uphold! I just want you to know that I love you and am so proud of the way you take care of Andrea and YOURSELF". I just love them!

4. My "sisters, brothers,fathers and mothers.... from other mothers"! I am grateful for my group of "ya-ya's".Heather,Tara,Ashley. First thought,My cousin Heather, for being her...unselfish,reliable,understanding,and unique! I once asked her why she was so blessed, in a feeling sorry for myself kinda way. She had a cute lil house, a wonderful husband and a great relationship with her family and friends and a stable,secure, fun job-sh loved. She told me..."I am blessed because I am grateful for every little thing God has given me.When I had to save up money for that Saturn for my first car, I was grateful that I had the job and found a car that I could afford and like.Same goes for Jason, when I met him, I was grateful for him, and have never complained about any of the things he did that annoyed me. I dealt with it, silently because I was so happy to have him, and when I was single..I was grateful for my friends and loving, dysfunctional family". I know her enough to know this is true. My friend Kristin, for just being her and being present throughout my life. For feelings what I feel, for standing behind my crazy decisions, for getting in and out of trouble with me, and listening and loving the same music! My friend Vicki for being my "soul mom" and my friend Jim, for playing the role of the "fix it dad" because my dad isn't always good at handling those things.

5.My Nick for being solid and reliable. For pushing me........constantly. Sometimes it's my buttons, sometimes it's over the edge, but usually it is to be a better "me". I love him for it!

6. My other CURLY FRIES!!!!YOU- readers!!!! I vent to you, you read and empathize and GOD BLESS YOU for it! Thanks for accepting ME, crazy me, for all I am, and thanks for coming back for more. It makes me feel like maybe I am not the only CURLY FRY IN THE BOX anymore.

Now it's your turn. To play along:

1) Put the logo on your blog or post.

2) Nominate at least 10 blogs that show great attitude or gratitude.

3) Link to your nominees within your post.

4) Let the nominees know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

5) Share the love and link to the person from who you received your award.Passing along the award love onto....

These should be entertaining, so if you don't know someone on this list, please check them out...and if you already got this award, you dont have to do it again...Quit bitching about it..I obviously heart you!
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Damnit!!! That was a lot of work.........I appreciate all of the hard work you had to endure to give this to me, but the next award that I get, could I not have to do so much copy and pasting??? Thanks for thinking of lil ol' me, though. Smoooooches!!!


  1. I was overly excited because it was my first award!!! lol... but kudos to you!!! And next time I won't make you work so hard!

  2. You are the first person to thank our heavenly Father and I think that is so fantastic! Congrats on your award and for giving it to me too! You are terrific!

  3. AAAWWWW!!!! My first award!!! ...wipes tear....
    Thanks so much!!! I LOVE your blog - it is FABULOUS!!! Thank you for coming over to visit mine! I am looking forward to our blogship!!!

  4. I'm honored! This award is perfect for you.

    I hope you don't mind but it's going to take me a few days to work up to posting about it. That linking business does take a long time. It takes me WAY longer to do an award blog than a regular one.
    I need to prepare myself mentally...LOL

    Thanks again! You're the best!


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