Monday, March 2, 2009

ManIIIIIAAAAAAAAC Monday!!! (I know it is supposed to be Manic, ya know-it-all)

Okay, so I don't blog on weekends. I should start, but I don't. I am a busy bee on the weekends. Besides cleaning the house, being forced to snuggle (Nick holds me down when t.v is on because I can't sit still to watch on weekends) going to the gym, and taking care of Andrea and doing fun things with her on my weekends, or taking her to her dads and then going out to paint the town red on her weekends away..........I dont have time, or privacy. These people I love that live with me, are like magnets. Where ever I go, they stick to me!
So anywho, this past weekend Andrea went to her fathers and I drug Nick (not drugged him, DRUG aa in forced him, kicking and screaming) to go out with my best friends and their men. We all take turns goin to each others neck of the woods. Tara lives in Charlotte, on the "upper" side of town. Heather lives close to her in Indian Trail. Ashley (who was not present) lives at the lake.
I tried to think of a classy lil spot to show them in my area. But then I thought to myself "hell, we have been to enough classy spots in Charlotte together, all of our lives. If I am going to do this, I am going to do this right" (Rock Hill is known as a redneck town, although it is growing and getting much nicer by the year.WE got a s starbucks and Chico's right across the street from me. Oh, yeah)
I also didnt want to straighten my hair or wear heels.
So , I took them to eat at Rock Hills most popular resteraunt. The White Horse. A Winthrop University favorite, with food to DIE for. They loved it!
Then I took them to Rock Hills Country/Western Bar (ha ha ha ha) The Long Branch......and believe it or not. Tara and her Attorney boyfriend,Jason and Heather, and even my Nick-HAD THE BEST TIME!
I have in all of the years knowing him.....never seen Nick on the dance floor. He was a little aggresive, but it was okay. After drinking and dancing the night away, with all of the rednecks (some who danced and dressed so disgusting,Jerry Springer would be appauled) we went to.....................................................................................................................THE WAFFLE HOUSE!!!!!! You cant make me go there , usually-but Nick needed to sober up, quite a bit, so I aggreed, and that was the best waffle I have ever had!
I am picky about my eggs and meat, so a waffle is safe.The waitress looked at me like I was an idiot when I asked for sugar-free syrup. I contemplated telling her I was diabetic, but then was like "screw it!". That's just how I am.
I'll post pics soon :)


  1. I was at the Waffle house late Saturday night in Ohio...(although I have a different name for it than the plain old Waffle House.)

    Nothing else was open so that's where we went. Not my first choice...

  2. I don't eat meat, but I am picky about my eggs as well. Forced to snuggle? Snuggling is generally a good thing; give in to it gladly. No reason to blog "extra" on the weekends if you have snuggling to do:-).
    I found you thru a link on Laura's blog....from the award she gave you. ~Mary


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