Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Conversation with Dad -God ...Part 2

This is as honest as you can get. Telling what you talk about in your prayers.
I'll add a bonus in there and tell you that, as much as this might upset some, and make me look like an idiot to many Catholics, I dont pray in a tradiotional way. No "hail Mary's" or "Father Heaven, Lord I come to you"... nope-none of that. I usually do say,In Your name I pray, when I do "pray"...but usually Jesus and I just chat. Accept he doesnt talk as much as I do.

While Riding in the car (this is the way it plays in my head)

Me:Dear Heavenly Father, I really need to talk to you today. Ok, so I want you to know how happy I am with the fact that you let me keep my job, even though I am slack. Thanks,Dad.
And thanks also, for not letting Donna get on my nerves as much this we------------"WHAT WAS THAT?!?! DID YOU SEE THAT?!?! Please Lord Jesus, teach that dumb lady to drive, PLEASE!" Oh, that wasnt nice,was it-to call her dumb?...I'm sorry. That was just a dumb move on her part.
God: You actually pulled out in front of her
Me: Okay, you're right.Can we talk about that later? I'm sorry. Now I feel like you are telling me to wave and apologize to her through the window. Are you telling me that?
Me: Guess not, anways............Thanks for not letting Donna drive me crazy! I don't think I could handle that right now.OOOOh, look-remember I wanted that house over there?
God: nodds head and smiles
Me: I am so glad you didnt let me have it. Wow, what a mess that would have been... I would have neer met Nick, and Andrea and I would have never moved to Rock Hill. Thanks for that
Me: Anyways, I feel bad because I have zero sex drive lately. I know, I know, I shouldnt have one anyways before marriage, and I also shouldnt be living with my boyfriend, but c'mon-its hard these days
God: excuses,excuses
Me: but I think it is hurting Nicks feelings...please dont tell me that wouldnt happen if I would have settled down with a choir boy,PLEASE!
Me: Well, what should I do?
God: You are not going to take my advice, so what do you think you should do?
Me: ugh, dont know. Its not him at all, it is just that I dont have the energy.Anyways, will you help me remember to save more money this week?
God: Will do!
Me: oh, and please look after that homeless man, I dont know if he needs money for drugs or food, but I guess you do, and whatever it is, will you help him?
Me: oh, and that lady who cant drive? rings,I answer

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  1. you are the most bluntly honest person I know...and I love it!!


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