Friday, March 6, 2009

The cure for everything is salt water - sweat, tears, or the sea" Isak Dinesen

More of why I am going "BoHo" this year. (Look-he got me into wearing flip flops at least, now I LOOOVE them)

Nick moved down from New Bern (close to Wilmington) and all day,every other weekend, we sit at the beach. ....I am lying. I SIT, he tries to drag me by my arms, as I scoot sand across my butt and in every crack and crevice of my body. (He is a forceful booger! He means no harm ) to get in the nasty SALT WATER. He says Salt Water is the cure FOR EVERYTHING, kinda like the Greek Dad on "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" was with Windex. Gotta zit? Salt water? Tennis Elbow? Salt water! Ugh-drives me CRAZY!
So usually, while I lay on the beach and read Cosmo, drinking mojitos,with oversized shades on and heels (with mint stuck between my teeth, bc I chopped it,instead of mashing) he and Andrea frolic along the beach. My 220 pound boyfriend, frolics along the beach. My metro-sexual,dry-witted, "know-it-all", comes to life when sand and salt water are present. After years of getting my hair messed up (my flat ironed hair turns to the texture of a cocker spaniels REAR END when touched by water or humidity)-my strappy beach sandals (heels) ruined, magazines thrown in the ocean, and 1 pair of Kate Spade,2 pairs of Chanels, and 1 pair of Dior Sunglasses later.-I have decided to throw out the Jackie-OHHHH look this year, wear my hair curly, forget the makeup, grab a pair of cheap shades (not losing my Gucci's) and frolic around with my lovies...."wobbly bits, wobbling, and butt cracks exposed (Nick can never keep his trunks over the tip of his crack when running in circles on the beach, very appealing to the hot girls he eyeballs as they sunbath-lol)and throw caution to the wind. Andrea loves me anyways, and so Does Nick.
That's why I have given sooo much though to this Boho look.....that I am supposed to act like took no thought at all. Ahhh.


  1. I looooove the pictures!! He's HOT!! And Andrea is presh, of course.

  2. Salt water really is amazing. My hormones have been in overload, and after a quick trip to the Bahamas and a few dips in the ocean, I was back to my beautiful self.

    As for the boho look, I feel like I have 10 different looks. I have my NYC chic look, my preppy look, my professional look, my lazy look, my beach look, my boating look, my bar look, my club look, my date night look, you get the picture. It's much easier to go with the flow, whatever that may be, then try to force something that just doesn't work. Although Husby hates that I also have to have clothes for all these looks (let alone pack for them when we go on vacay - ha). Ok, enough rambling. If you find any good hair products for curlies in the beach, let me know. I become Mrs. Frizz very soon. Thx lady!

  3. Yeah, he's okay.(jk-If I didnt know him, Id still be drooling like I was since high school) He has gained weight since we've been together. He doesnt believe me. Oh,well-more for me to love. ha ha-or get on my nerves!

  4. I love that you're just letting the hair down and going with the flow and having fun! That's living life!

  5. Your music makes me be-bop in my chair when I'm reading your blog :-)

  6. AW, yall are real peaches!!! I just love y'all!


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