Friday, March 6, 2009

This is more ME!

I LOVE RUN ON SENTENCES- in case you didnt KNOW-you will see!

This is more ME! I love it!

But I decided to go BO-Ho this year (less maintenance, more FUN-ha ha)Maybe I'll get this one too, for the Pool (where I CAN pretend to be Marilyn Monroe, as no one notices me!)

(I guess I need to get serious about the gym, and lay off my 5 brownie a day habit, either way. If I were brave, I'd show the pictures I took w my camera phone of my stupid gut (trying to motivate myself by looking at them periodically while working out). This is SOOO me though! Really.)

The only problem is, you need a flat iron, huge Gucci shades (I got some, told Nick they were fake-shhhhhh.Now he makes fun of my FUCCI's- SUCKER!!!) and sweatproof makeup on to execute this look correctly....and boy,do I not feel like it this year.

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  1. I always wanted to know where you would wear a bathing suit like that? At the beach? No. At the pool? No. On a 100 foot yacht? Hell yes. With the heels. I need me one of those.


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