Thursday, March 5, 2009


Go check out my plain old "POORMANS FACEBOOK PAGE" !
I just like to add music, thats why I have it.
oh, I have like 10 friends-sad, but I dont like that site.
But if you want to add me on Facebook, do so here :)
It's hard to keep up with all of this "facespace" crap. Plus, Nick is always like...."how many dudes did you talk to on facebook,today?" Thats why I dont add anyone hot,even if I went to kindergarten with you, if I can help it.
Wonder why he never asks that about my blogspot? ha ha


  1. facebook / myspace / blogspot friends....I understand...
    and my ex used to do the same thing. "You added 3 friends today? And ONE is a MAN?!" uh...yup.

    anyway, your "heart" (daughter) is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS...what a serious little expression! and beautiful lips!!!

  2. I added you!! HAHA!

  3. Where is the bathing suit pic?!? I love your blog!!! I'm so glad you stopped by - we have the same taste!!! My little diva just turned 6! She is soo much fun - your love is beautiful!


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