Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Okay, another great idea from someone else

I can't claim this, I have to give credit to a girl I work with (and fellow blogger). Ususally when she tells me that something is affordable, I don't believe her. She is "too cool" for The Limited and Victoria's Secret (ha ha- jk) and buys overpriced swimsuits (I still order mine from Victoria's Secret and occasionally Target). I think I am fashionable, she however-does not!
I have learned in this world that there are pretty people, and people who are prettier, smart people, and people who are smarter,rich people and people who are richer. I thought I knew a thing or two about fashion, but she knows more.......and the chain begins. So, I am not hatin'! It's ok...I know more than someone...........maybe it is a granny, but it is someone.
Anywho....she told me about a great REALLY affordable (like Old Navy,Target,Gap affordable)website for independent designers. IT IS COOL!!! Check it out HERE! I am a new Fan , so I can make this site ultimatly UNCOOL too ;)
Also, Victoria's Secret Pink (not a huge fan of this line-too college-ey for me) came out with a new line of bath & body treasures!!! I looove the Comfort.
100% organic and recycled, and smells GREAT!
Too bad I am broke :(

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  1. Found your blog on 20SB. Nice little thing you have here :)

    I love Etsy! It's nice to know you can still buy homemade.


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