Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A bit Naive

This story is very sad for me, and I feel so sad for these women and their families.I hate that this has happened to these women, really....but cmon.Seriously...they are being tried as SPIES, and they were somehow caught on the border, WITH CAMERAS, doing their "duties as journalists". Well, if I were in a CRAZY country like North Korea, and all paranoid like I am sure they are, I would think the same thing too! They should have stayed home, and know not to tread in those dangerous waters.I feel terrible for their families, and hate that these women are going through this, but now...thanks to them,and their curiosity, or their jobs, we might have another battle to fight. Why can't people just be PROUD TO BE AMERICAN, and leave everyone else alone??? Its funny to me that they were both Asian girls sent down there.OBVIOUSLY to not be too noticeable!If you are a Korean in China, it is very racist for you to think you will "blend in"...but in Korea...well that's a different story. If you dont believe me, go to your nail salon and call one of them Chinese or Korean, and go to your favorite Japanese resteraunt and call them Chinese. Asians know the difference, so I dont believe Al sent Korean girls to China to do a story, thinking they would blend in with the Chinese, and I dont think it is a coincedence that they were all Korean. I could be wrong. Hey, its happened before. Well, no...one time I thought I was wrong, but wasnt...just "mistaken"-thats all ;)How do we know that they weren't trying to get a good story on North Korea, and just got caught, seems a little odd. Either way, I do pray for their safe return, but I do think it was a TERRIBLE MOVE to go out there to begin with.Also,I heard a girl reply back to someone who said something to the extent of "one of these women was a Mother of a four year old, and should know better".Then the other woman said "Why is it that Mothers should know better, but its okay for FATHERS to go to IRAQ or be police officers?".That's comparing Oranges to Apples, no WATERMELONS, sweetie! I guess it has something to do with our NATURAL maternal INSTINCT!!! Yes, a man CAN raise a child just as well as a woman, but its not as common, and we should WANT to be safe for our CHILDREN!She is not a soldier fighting for OUR COUNTRY,or a policeman trying to keep our streets safe (some I am sure aren't doing it for that reason, I am not 10 and don't need to be informed) she is a journalist, trying to make a buck on a story.Either way, no one should be put in harms way, but I think they knew the risks.


  1. Perhaps it is easier for me to say this because I am not a Mother, but I do tend to see the female firefighter, the female FBI agent, the female journalist, the female pilot, the female security guard,all looking to make a buck-earn a living, but also many(not all) looking to do some good, & I don't see it any differently than if it were a man. ~Mary

  2. I believe that they are happy to TAKE a buck, but these are not the most "well-paying" jobs.REally! I think that for the most part, a fireman can not be compared to a journalist, in the least. I had big dreams of being a journalist one day, and I know that when you get a AWESOME story, you get AWESOME $$$$. A fireman gets paid the same, whether he is saving a family from a burning house, or being the first one into a murder scene where blood and guts are splattered on the walls. These men get to crime scenes BEFORE the cops, and the things that they see, are irreversible on the effects of their minds. They know that when they agree to take fairly average pay.


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