Friday, January 23, 2009

Part Two, to The Other Post...

Well, thanks for the support DARLING! I took Lexapro at one time, but it made my tummy hurt. And I took Paxil, and Prozack, Prozack made me a COMPLETE ZOMBIE, and Paxil made me zombie enough to where I could spill my drink in my lap and just sit in it, carefree, and have night terrors. SO, cumbalta and lexapro worked for me, just cymbalta doesnt make me feel like I can up-chuck, without upchucking.
I dont know that I was ever REALLY depressed. I might be for a day or so, but I was just moody and mean sometimes. OVER-emotional, with people who I was close with (family or boyfriends) and then other times cold and isolated.
I thought it was PMS, even after dr.s TRIED to prescribe me things time and time again. It wasnt until I deveolped OCD, which led to Anxiety, which led to Panick Attacks that I took something. Then it was diffucult to take, so I didnt regularly.
...and as far as the ADD med...(hyper crazy pills). I struggled with that ALL through school, and wouldnt take my meds. WIsh I had b/c it would have helped. Im not hyper, just flighty and forgetful, and if that doesnt seem bad enough for my mom. She can never find her keys or her wallet, or Birth certificate, daydreams while driving, has been in a wreck, and still doesnt know how to use a remote, bc she didnt pay attention close enough 30 years ago, and cant sit still to figure it out.

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  1. Once I tried Effexor and it didn't work at all but when I stopped taking it I went through the lowest lows I have ever had in my life. A nightmare!


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