Thursday, February 5, 2009

The most annoying girl on EARTH!

I post quite a few random blogs per day, about whatever I am thinking at the time. Seeing Sia's haircut below, made me think of my boyfriends, brothers, kinda ex! Why do I judge her so harshly? I have tried and tried to like her, and she has not REALLy done anything to me. I know how Jesus feels about feeling this way, and I am ashamed that I do it, but this girl DRIVES me CRAZY! Everytime I try to love her, and ignore her bad qualities, someone HAS to call me up to tell me, or she rubs one in my face. I almost gave up going to my boyfriends family functions, because I felt so bad that when she is there, all we do is gossip about her. Even when I don't join in, I hear it, and I make judgements.But she drives me NUTS! I dont understand.
Nicks brother and her break up, and then whenever he moves on to meet someone new, she comes running back for him Then once she sees that he has latched on to her again, she breaks it off. They are both kind of pathetic.
I believe everyone has good and bad qualities and that we are not all flat characters. I will say that her bad qualities, outweigh her good ones WITH ME, and my boyfriends family, but then again, she could be saying the same about me. SO I can't really talk. What I can tell you is that I just can't stand the girl! She was raised middle class, by a Father who has drove the same car for 20 years to give his daughters everything they needed,wanted,etc. He sent them off to great colleges, and paid for their weddings. He was the All American Father, raising All American Girls. Accept one of the girls (you guessed it) cheated on her boyfriend, and was even having an affair while the Wedding was in planning. She complained about her "controlling husband" yet talked to my boyfriends brother (who is not a saint either) on the phone all during her honeymoon, about how much she missed him. She later left her husband, and moved Nicks brother in.She drinks wayyyy too much (gets violent with random people when she drinks), is way too loud when she isn't drinking, knows everyone, and something about Everything, brags about her sorority and job as a Pharmaceutical Rep.(nothing isnt related to these two things in conversation-NOTHING), and the Dr.s She knows, and the Junior Women League she leads(its a very very small town, no bragging rights for a bunch of rich gossipers there), and the $$$ her sister's husband has. Her house is cute, she dresses cute, neither is extraordinary. She scrapbooks,and loves Lily Pulitzer (gag) and Vera Bradley (those things never bothered me before. I have never purchased either, but my BF did buy me some Vera Luggage, that I am now ashamed to carry)! All of these things wouldnt bother me (a few of my best friends were in sororities) if it werent HER saying them, and she didnt fit into this MOLD!I like to Scrapbook (I just found out, thanks to you gals)... I have friends who more money than I do, and well paying jobs. My boyfriends brothers NEW girlfriend has a much better job than me or his ex, and I love her to pieces, but his EX DRIVES ME NUTZ! What bothers me even more is that he can not make up his mind who he wants to date. The sweet, humble, much prettier, much more down to earth Julie, that his family and I LOVE, (who has the opportunity to stay in town if she chooses, with her company *she is a traveling Physical Therapist* or move away this summer for a new assignment) or this crazy, violent, alcoholic,self-proclaimed "socialite",stereotypical southern bitch, KNOW IT ALL, Allie!!! AND SHE IS NOT PRETTY, at all! I have nothing against people with mental illness. Actually I worked in a group home when I was younger and loved the people I worked with deeply, so please excuse this remark...but she looks like she has Down Syndrome, and doesn't!!!! The girls that I worked with THAT HAD DOWN SYNDROME were beautiful, but you get my point!
Its none of my business, but it sure does make holidays a lot more enjoyable when you like the company you keep, and I am supposed to go up there when the weather warms up. I will probably have to sit down for dinner on Friday night with DUMB ALLIE and listen to her CRAZY ass talk about her RED HAT CLUB (jk-im sorry,"Jr.Womens Leaugue, ha ha) and insist that we go to Mexican so she can get drunk and show off her sloppy spanish, and then feel so bad about it when I see Julie the next night. She is just sooooo mellow,easy going and nice...not to mention, both Nick and I agree she is a beauty, with a good head on her shoulders.
I usually refuse to attend anything that Allie is going to be at,but that causes problems. I just can't do that to myself (she is obnoxious...DID I TELL YOU THAT she talks to the waitors at the Spanish resteraunt in Spanish???? UGH!) or Julie. What should I DO?

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  1. Ugh! What an annoying situation. It sounds like your boyfriend's brother can't decide because he's too afraid to let go of the ex forever. Having cake and eating it too, so-to-speak.


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