Thursday, February 26, 2009

The opposite of a G.R.I.T.S!

Most of Y'all Yankees (term of endearment, huns) know of "grits" only as the "yucky food that is a lil like cream of wheat". (Actually, I really like grits if they are the right consistency, with butter and salt and pepper, mixed with my eggs)..but anyways.

G.R.I.T.S= Girls Raised In The South, and it means so much more to BE A G.R.I.T.S girl, than to just be southern.I am going to explain what makes a G.R.I.T.S girl special in another post, for now I will just tell you who we AREN'T!

WE are NOT "rednecks,hicks or hillbilly's" just because we were born on the other side of the Mason-Dixon line (I've met or heard of all of the above from up north ,and out west also) and many people totally stereotype southerners as one of those labels.

I am going to clarify what each means to a Southerner.

REdneck:(oooh , my favorite) usually native to Gaston County (but not limited to), is a woman or man, (children of rednecks are called "lipnicky's") that is easy to spot in a public place, smoking a Marlboro or Doral, drinking beer or Sundrop (or some type of Southern Soda). The women love the tanning beds,fake nails, belly-button piercings,cheap makeup, knock off purses,short shirts and tee-shirts that declare "I'm a bitch". Either male or female are proud to "kick your ass" with a baby on their hip! They have no problem wearing their jeans too tight, going in a store barefoot, or telling you about how they "told such and such off". These women (and men) detest exercise (which makes for an ugly picture),think white zin is good wine, love soap opera's, Dale Jr, Wrestling and the flea market.
GREAT example..Joy Turner/Darville from my name is Earl!!!( Jamie Pressley is actually from Gaston County!) Watch the re-run where her kids are gone for the weekend, and how she really thinks that if you put liquor in a slurpie cup, the cops wont know you're drunk. Classic!
Hick= Someone from the country who may not know much about city life, and talks a little strange. I havent met too many hicks.

Hillbilly= wild crazy, unshaven, mountain or backwood people-who still live off the land more than the rest of us, and drink and know how to make moonshine.

Most of these people dont blog, for they dont know how to use the Internet...except for an occasional redneck, and when she does-she is the talk of her trailer park, and everyone comes to her to see who went to jail on Meck.Org :)


  1. I'm scared, Jade. I fit some of the "Redneck" criteria.

  2. I'm going out on a limb here but a lot of the women who love to torment me sound just like your description of a redneck.
    I am a "damn Yankee"...or so they tell me.

  3. Fitting "some" of the criteria is okay, we all enjoy a Mt.Dew every once in a while (pepsi is from New Bern, NC) and some of us are glued to soap operas, or Judge Mathis, whatever. My best friend love White Zinfendel, (I am going to the tanning bed-eww)and if you smoke, you can ONLY smoke Marlboro Lights....but the rest of it.....unacceptable!
    Dont fight with your Ex-friend with your children standing out in the yard, rooting for "Mama"!!! Dont wear short shirts to expose your tanned and pierced muffin top, and fake nais........are so 2000 (unless you are a spokesperson for QVC)!
    Sorry if I offended anyone, some things HAVE to be said!

  4. .........and spelled right! Gosh, look at my spelling. If you are gonna be in that big of a hurry, don't blog, Jade-:)

  5. I sure loved this one, lady! You are the best. Were you able to re-subscribe to my blog since I changed the webaddress?

  6. I drink beer. I have a belly-button was a spur of the moment decision MANY years ago and now I hate it, but I'd rather have the ring than a hole. I am a closet smoker...shhhhhh!!! That is a MAJOR secret!! Or atleast it was until now. :) I do smoke Marlboro Ultra Lights...if that makes me any less skanky. :) I do love tanning beds and although I don't wear cheap make-up, I loooove cheap mascara (L'Oreal Voluminous) and wouldn't ever wear anything else!!

    Am I a redneck?? Break it to me gently.

  7. I dont LOVE the tanning bed, I hate it but am currently using it. Being sooo white was getting depressing.
    I wear maybelline mascara
    I smoke M.Lights when ultra stressed, or drinking
    Ill drink a few beers if I have no other choice.
    .....just as long you dont get jewel embellished toenails with stacked foam flipflops..........geez! :D


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