Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Burritos and pajamas

I am really sad that I cannot workout. I am sooo packing on the pounds and on top of that, am getting really tired and anemic feeling, and they say that exercsing is BAD for Anemia but GOOD FOR everything else.OOOOOOOh, how contradictory!

I am loving some FAKE-mexican food lately. I really dont like real mexican, its tastes dirty to me, but FAKE mexican (like Quodoba and On The Border) Ahhh. love them~!

Anyone have any tips on how to raise my iron REALLY quick so that I can get into the gym???? It would be greatly appreciated!


  1. sniff, sniff. I KNEW I smelled Mexican...........

  2. How to raise your iron levels? Maybe increase the amount of iron rich foods you eat?
    I don't know..I live on coffee and vodka. That's probably not much help to you.

  3. Hey there my friend!

    I was just touching base with you. You havent posted in a while so I wanted to make sure all is ok. I pray that it is.

    Love and Prayers,



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